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Gift aid

Every £1.00 you donate to the church is worth £1.25 when you Gift Aid it...At No Extra Cost To You!


Gift Aid is the Government's scheme that enables the Church as a charity to reclaim 25p for every pound you contribute at no extra cost to you.


You must be a taxpayer for your donation to qualify for Gift Aid. The tax can be Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax.


You can Gift Aid your contributions either by Standing Order Mandate

and return it to the parish office or by requesting weekly offertory envelopes.


Please complete the following form whether you wish to pay by standing order or if you wish to have a box of envelopes.

Gift Aid Declaration Form.


In the latter case you will be allocated a set of envelopes for your

donation of cash or cheque to put into the collection basket each week.


The only personal details you need to enter are:

  • Your name,

  • Your address and

  • A declaration that you have (or will have) paid an amount of tax equal to or more than the amount the Church reclaims in Gift Aid

If you have questions or need any assistance please contact the Organiser.


Elaine Moclair


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